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There are many situations and factors that can drive a person to substance abuse and addiction. We understand that taking action towards your own or a loved one’s recovery from alcohol or drug abuse is an important decision in life.

Our goal is to provide a safe, healing environment for clients and families so they can recover from substance abuse or addiction. The Adult Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program (SA-IOP) provides the tools to sustain and maintain a lasting recovery, break the cycle of abuse or addiction, improve outlook and general wellbeing and immediately start rebuilding your personal life and mending important family ties.

Addiction is a treatable disease, and is not a lack of morals, intellect or willpower

The SA-IOP is designed for adults who have a recent history of excessive and maladaptive substance use and meet diagnosis criteria for substance abuse or dependency. Most participants have relapsed on alcohol or drugs, failed other outpatient treatments, were recently discharged from inpatient detox or rehab facilities, or already on their recovery journey and ready to return to work, school and other responsibilities and need help with this transition. Participants that require detox, must successfully complete a medical detox and have no medical complications to participate in the SA-IOP.

Resource Center recognizes the critical components of recovery and abstinence and has developed this program to provide the structure and support to make changes in thoughts and behaviors, create a sober daily routine and establish a healthy support network. Based on the 12-step recovery process and philosophy of abstinence, the program helps those in the early phases of sobriety and recovery develop the insight and skills necessary to abstain from drugs and/or alcohol.

Studies show approximately 2/3 of all relapses for any addiction occur within the first 90 days. Preventing a relapse improves your chances for sobriety and success

The program’s education and counselling sessions help patients identify what drives their addiction and learn new habits that encourage sobriety and success in recovery. These groups explore a range of topics including the physiological effects of drugs/alcohol, relapse prevention, addictive relationships and relaxation techniques with everyday life skills practicality. Family groups address the causes of addiction, the physical and emotional effects of addiction and breaking the cycle of dependency.

The SA-IOP is specifically designed to serve individuals 18-years of age and older, along with other adults working on similar substance abuse issues in a group setting. The program offers personalized treatment with structured interventions consisting primarily of addiction education, relapse prevention, 12-step approaches, family groups and counselling sessions held for three hours, 3-days per week, and an average of 4-6 weeks. The goals and duration of the program will vary according to the individual needs and response to treatment.

This program serves as a supportive means to prevent the need for higher levels of care such as detox or as a “step-down” from inpatient and day hospital treatment.
Resource Center is a Substance Abuse Treatment Facility, licensed by Texas Department of State Health Services.

Family Participation

The Center recognizes the value in the client’s healing process from supportive family and friends. All IOP programs offer a weekly 1.5 hour group education component, designed to increase overall understanding of substance abuse issues and provide opportunities for specific skills training. Although highly encouraged, family participation not necessary for IOP participation.

Complimentary Assessment

Take the first step – call to schedule a complimentary evaluation and assessment with one of our healthcare professionals during office hours, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Your complimentary assessment determines a course of treatment specifically tailored to meet your needs.

Flexible appointments are offered in a comfortable, safe and no pressure environment.

The Behavioral Health Department accepts most major insurance providers and helps you navigate coverage options to ensure you maximize your available benefits. Based on the program or service, with some insurances plans, there may be no out-of-pocket cost to you. 

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For all medical or mental-health emergencies, call 911 immediately, or please safely get to the nearest emergency room. Resource Center Behavioral Health does not offer crisis assessments or crisis-related services.