Cece Cox, J.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Keller Fields

Executive Administrative Assistant

Dave Hesse

Chief Financial Officer, Avior Innovations, Inc. Accounting and Human Resources

Marisa Elliott

Chief Operating Officer

Kristin McLaughlin

Chief Development Officer

Dean S. Wilson

Senior Manager, Individual Giving & Campaigns

Bill Scott

Senior Manager-Events & Operations

Lauren Slade

Grants & Foundations Manager

Jennifer Collins

Senior Manager-Marketing and Communications

Trevor Frank

Marketing Associate

Caleb Wang

Development Data Specialist

Deborah Cavazos

Volunteer Coordinator

Rafael McDonnell

Communications & Advocacy Manager

Patrick Hanley

Public Policy & Advocacy Lead

Leslie McMurray

Transgender Education and Advocacy Associate

Kelly Kawnak

Information & Technology Manager

David Rodriguez

Community Center Manager

Kelli Halsell

Facilities Manager

Scott Martin, LPC

Behavioral Health Director

LaShaun Shaw, DDS

Dental Health Program Manager

Del Wilson

Ryan White Program Manager

JP Cano, BSN, RN

Prevention Services Manager, Nelson-Tebedo

Jalenzski Brown

MPowerment Program Manager, United Black Ellument (UBE), FUSE & GenderBrave

Allison Johnson

Community Programs Manager

Paul von Wupperfeld

Board President

Deborah McMurray

Board President-Emeritus

Kate Newman

Board President-Elect

Ellen Farrell

Board Secretary

Lacey Brutschy

Board Treasurer

Frances A. Badgett

Board Director

Derrick Justin Brown

Board Director

Philip Clemmons

Board Director

Marla Custard

Board Director

Monique Evans

Board Director

Sharon Fancher

Board Director

Brandon Q. Jones

Board Director

James A. Jones

Board Director

Alison L. Schmidt

Board Director

Rick Thompson

Board Director

Rick J. Wilson

Board Director