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Management & Board of Directors

Executive Staff

Cece Cox, J.D.
Chief Executive Officer
Email: ccox@myresourcecenter.org

Cameron Hernholm
Chief Development Officer
Email: chernholm@myresourcecenter.org

Dave Hesse
Chief Financial Officer
Avior Innovations, Inc.
Accounting and Human Resources
Email: dhesse@myresourcecenter.org

Marisa Elliott
Chief Operating Officer
Email: melliott@myresourcecenter.org

LGBT Services

Johnny Humphrey
Community Programs Manager - Youth First, Gray Pride, Women with Pride, GEAR
Email: jhumphrey@myresourcecenter.org 

Rafael McDonnell
Communications & Advocacy Manager
Email: rmcdonnell@myresourcecenter.org

Health and Medical Services

Alex Hamby
Health Campus Coordinator
Email: ahamby@myresourcecenter.org

Dale McEowen
Ryan White Program Manager
Email: dmceowen@myresourcecenter.org

Jalenzski Brown
Empowerment Programs Manager, United Black Ellument (UBE) & FUSE
Email: jalenzski@myresourcecenter.org

JP Cano
Prevention Services Manager, Nelson-Tebedo Clinic
Email: jcano@myresourcecenter.org

Scott Martin, LPC
Behavioral Health Program Director
Email: smartin@myresourcecenter.org 

Development and Administrative 

Bill Scott
Development Event Manager
Email: bscott@myresourcecenter.org

Christian Minnicks
Community Center Manager
Email: cminnicks@myresourcecenter.org

Dave Wehrly
Grants & Foundations Manager
Email: dwehrly@myresourcecenter.org

Dean S. Wilson
Senior Development Manager
Email: dwilson@myresourcecenter.org

Jennifer Collins
Marketing & Communication Coordinator
Email: jcollins@myresourcecenter.org

David Barron
Development Data Specialist
Email: dbarron@myresourcecenter.org 

Kelli Halsell
Facilities Manager
Email: khalsell@myresourcecenter.org

Kelly Kawnak
Information & Technology Manager
Email: kkawnak@myresourcecenter.org


Board of Directors

  • Chuck MarLett, President
  • Deborah McMurray, President-Elect
  • Rick Thompson, Treasurer
  • Lauren Mutti, Secretary
  • Leslie Carr
  • Gary Fraundorfer
  • Blake Klement
  • Chris Kouvelis, Jr.
  • Enrique MacGregor
  • John McDowell
  • Deborah McMurray
  • Kate Newman
  • Jay Oppenheimer
  • Toni Steele
  • Ray Switzer
  • Paul von Wupperfeld
  • Mary S. Waller