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Medical Case Management

Medical case management assures quality care for eligible individuals impacted by HIV/AIDS with complex or serious dental/medical conditions through the coordination and follow-up of dental and medical treatments. The medical case manager identifies, monitors, and evaluates the options and services required to meet the clients’ health and human service needs, including the delivery of dental care to clients in an acute and non-acute state of dental health.

Medical case management provides a medical intake, healthcare assessments, treatment education, and referrals. Coordination with primary care physicians, dentists and other service providers is offered as needed.

Clients may access medical case management following completion of an eligibility intake. Clients must have a referral from a case manager for dental or medical case management to access the program.

Clients seeking access to dental care at Resource Center’s Nelson-Tebedo Clinic must complete a medical intake. A medical case management appointment can be scheduled through Client Services for clients providing current (6 months or less) lab results, with a minimum of CD4 count and HIV Viral Load.