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Youth First

Approximately 15,000 LGBT youth live in North Texas, yet there are minimal resources available for meeting their unique needs. Youth First is the only local LGBT-focused youth program that addresses the challenges LGBT youth face with family members, peers and fellow students.

Serving youth and young adults ages 14-22, Youth First equips them with the skills they need to lead an open life. Family ties are strengthened, peer support networks are built and mental health is supported through activities that build confidence and address the specific issues that LGBT teens face during their critical, formative years.

Educational Programs Engage and Inform

  • Sex, HIV and STD prevention and substance abuse
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Tutoring and job readiness
  • Coming Out
  • Discussion/support group for parents
  • Discussion/support group for youth
  • GED program

Recreational Activities Promote Community Confidence

  • Friday family dinner
  • Movie camps and book club
  • Open mic poetry

Counseling Services Strengthen Coping Skills

  • LGBT focused mental health for youth in partnership with Southern Methodist University. Counseling is available for teens and children in either individual, group or family settings.

For a calendar of events click here.
For additional information on counseling services click here.